Refund Policy

Thank you for purchasing our services. We value your trust and assure you of the best services at all times. As our customer, when you are buying our product or service, you agree to our Refund Policy. Once you have made a purchase on our platform

Refunds can be initiated only in following events:

(i) You have purchased an incorrect plan and our team has advised you to purchase another plan (100% of the original plan value will be refunded subject to the condition that no service was delivered for the previous plan)

(ii)You have purchased a plan but PravasiTax is unable to assign an expert or process your order within 5 business days (100% refund will be made)

(iii) PravasiTax reserves the right to refuse any order that it cannot deem to fulfil within the legal and regulatory framework of the country (100% refund will be made)

PravasiTax reserves the right to cancel your order in the following events. You will forfeit any payment made to PravasiTax and no refund shall be made in the event of order cancellation:

(i)If you are unable to share the documents requested by PravasiTax to process your order, within 30 days of purchase of plan, without a reasonable reason.

(ii)If you are unreachable via phone and / or email or do not respond to PravasiTax within 30 days from the date of purchase of plan.

(iii) If you withhold information pertaining to your case as our experts work on it owing to which we are unable to fulfil your order.

(iv)If PravasiTax is unable to fulfil your order due to unavailability of documents and / or requisite information from you.

If you have purchased a plan and your payment was successfully processed but not received by PravasiTax, you should seek refund from your financial service provider.

Once you are eligible for refund, you will receive a refund confirmation from PravasiTax via email. Your refund will be processed within 10 business days from the date of refund confirmation to a bank account in India as designated by you.

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