What do I need to file my Income Tax Return?

Filing your income tax return can become a seamless process involving just a single meeting with us if you know what documents to share with us!

We, at PravasiTax, have curated a simple checklist to help you collate all the required supporting documents.

Preliminary Information

Listed below are the basic personal information that we would require at hand to begin the income tax return filing procedure:

Personal details such as Full name, date of birth, address, phone number, email, PAN, Aadhaar etc.
Income Tax E-Filing Login credentials (if you have already created it)
Country of Residence
Passport number & Place of issue
List of all bank accounts in India with details such as name of the bank, IFSC, account number, clearly specifying the bank account to which you would prefer your refund to be credited.
Details of directorship in an Indian Company, if applicable
Details of unlisted shares held in an Indian Company, if applicable

Sources of Income

The details required for each source of income have been given below. Depending upon the types of income you have generated during the relevant year, you can make use of this checklist to source the appropriate documents and information. These details/documents are to be provided for the 12-months period from 01 April to 31 March.

Income from House Property

In case you are earning any rental income in India, the following details will need to be shared with us:

Nature / Type of the property (Let out / Self-occupied / Deemed let out) and Full address with pin code
In the case of co-owned property,
  • Name, PAN, and Aadhaar number of co-owners
  • Percentage of share in property
In the case of let-out property,
  • Name, PAN / TAN / Aadhaar number of tenants
Gross rent received and Property Tax paid during the financial year
Certificate from banker for principal and interest repayment on housing loan made during the financial year (if any)

Income from Sale of Securities

If you are engaged in any form of stock market transaction such as share trading, intraday trading, trading in Futures & Options etc. or redemption of mutual fund units, it is mandatorily required to present the Capital Gains Summary Report for the relevant financial year.

If trading is done through more than one platform, Capital Gains Summary Report to be provided for all the platforms. Also, kindly ensure all details such as ISIN Number, buy date, sell date, buy rate, sell rate, STT paid etc. for each of the share / unit is available in the Capital Gains Statement.

Property Sale

In case you have sold any property in India during the year, we would require a copy of your purchase and sale deeds for working out the capital gain applicable on the transaction.

Interest Income

Details of Interest income received from:
Dividend Income & Name of the company from which the dividend is received.
Any other income

Kindly provide the interest certificate/bank statement obtained from the respective Banks. This can also be downloaded from your net banking login.

Deductions claimed from Income

Proof to be presented and quantum of deduction to be stated for eligible deductions such as:

Investment in LIC, PPF etc
Medical Insurance premium paid by assessee for self or for dependants
Donations made to charitable organisations

Gather the required information, documents and get in touch with us!

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